International Conference on Geopolymer and Sustainable Materials


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Associate Professor Ts Dr Hj Mohd Fadzil Arshad
School of Civil Engineering, Collage of Engineering,
Universiti Teknologi MARA MALAYSIA

Associate Professor Ts Dr Hj Mohd Fadzil Arshad is an Associate Professor in School of Civil Engineering, Collage of Engineering Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. In the collage he is a Head of Student Affairs division that is responsible to almost 8500 students. Prof Madya Ts Dr Hj Mohd Fadzil is also an active researcher specialized in Concrete Technology and construction materials studies. His excellently can be seen through his achievement in research works where he has successfully produced more than 200 academic publications in local and international publisher with H index value of 17 and i10 index of 29.

He is holding more than six (6) Intellectual Property (IP) grant and copyright that is related to the innovations and inventions for the construction industries. Through the research activities he also receiving more than 10 gold medal recognition through his commitment in the international and national innovation competition even his been awarded with a Diamond award in IIDEX2018 on his innovation related to Col Ash Lightweight Brick (CALiB). His is also passionate in contributing to construction industries where he is a consultant for a few construction project and be appointed as a President of Concrete Society Malaysia (CSM) since 2020.

Abstract Title: Influence of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the Concrete Properties and Performance

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an acidic colourless gas that is originally occurred in the atmosphere. In first place, the gas is an important substances especially in photosynthesis activities but the over produced of CO2 gases by human industries activities has effect the equilibriums and generate a greenhouse issues. Building construction industry listed as one of the top operational emissions that accounted for 38% of total global energy-related CO2 emissions. In order to reach net-zero agenda, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated that direct building CO2 emissions need to fall by 50% by 2030. This equates to around 6% per year. As to support the initiative and target, research on utilizing CO2 in the production of construction materials was proposed. This paper emphasis on the utilization of CO2 in the production of concrete. The properties and performance of concrete containing CO2 was presented and the concept of reaction between cementitious chemical compositions with CO2 was discussed and explained. Based on experience and previous research conducted it is found that the utilization of CO2 as catalyst in cementitious hydrated matrix successfully improved the physical, mechanical and durability properties and performance of product tested. The utilization of CO2 in the samples mixes during sample preparation was also found reducing the CaOH by transforming the CaOH into CaCO3.From all the data obtained and presented it is portraits the potential of utilizing CO2 in concrete industries. The utilization of CO2 in the concrete industries not only improving the concrete properties but also significantly support the net zero agenda for better industries and human life.

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